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What is the Official 11th Annual Michael Jackson Fan Convention?

The Official 11th Annual Michael Jackson Fan Convention is a gathering of Michael Jackson fans from around the world ,celebrating the life and legacy of Michael Jackson through celebration. It is held at the Alexis Park Resort, in Las Vegas, NV. The three-day event is held October 28th, 29th, and 30th 2016 includes, red carpet opening, live entertainment, professional impersonators, shows, special guests & speakers, award ceremony, contests, karaoke, dance instruction, raffles, MJ birthday celebration, group outing, tasty food, and more.

How did the convention begin?

In 2005, MJSUNIFC President Raquel Choyce conceived the idea of having a three day Michael Jackson Fan Convention and proceeded to organize and produce her idea for another Michael Fan Club after Michael’s vindication that year. The idea was presented to the Michael community and received overwhelming positive response from the fans, media and Jackson family. MJSUNIFC first Official Michael Jackson Fan Convention was held in 2006, and has been held every year since. MJSUNIFC is known as the Original and FIRST Official Michael Jackson Fan Convention supported and attended by the Jackson Family.

How is the convention funded?

The Convention is operated by MJSUN Corporation (MJSUNIFC) with primary sources of funding obtained from corporate sponsors, and revenue from admission tickets. The Official 11th Annual Michael Jackson Fan Convention receives no governmental funds.

What do event passes offer?

Event passes provide admission to the convention for one or all three days. Price is $25 per person per day and offers individuals and families the opportunity to enjoy numerous entertainment activities, education, and food throughout the convention at a relatively very low cost.

A portion of the proceeds are used to cover expenses such as, security, equipment rental, entertainment, advertising and printing costs to make a clean, safe and well-attended convention for patrons and sponsors. Any remaining proceeds go to MJSUNIFC to fund their 501(c)(7) non-profit organization in effort to keep Michael’s legacy alive. The Official 11th Annual Michael Jackson Fan Convention is staffed by volunteers. By the fans-for the fans.

Event Site: www.michaeljacksonfanconvention.com

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